Complete Branding

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Project Description

Logo Design with Brand Board

What a super girly project, it was super fun! The client was very clear about the color palette that they wanted to use as well as the look and feel of the logo itself. Aurora Artistry is a makeup and beauty specialist that needed a fun and powerful brand setup. It is always great to work with a team that really knows what they want and has some direction. I worked closely with the client as well as Lauren Clueit from their marketing agency, We Do That.

I always do brand boards when creating or re-creating a brand, it helps me get a good sense of the purpose of the brand and how you want it to be perceived by your audience. Some of the elements that I usually include is the fonts, colors, textures, images and variations of the logo (e.g. submark, social media icons etc).

Business Card Design

Once we had the logo confirmed and a good outline of the companies brand, I was able to start designing their stationery. First up was their business cards, the client wanted to incorporate a “lipstick kiss”, which I felt rounded off the general feel quite nicely.

Letterhead Design

Next up was the company letterhead, I took the lipstick kiss and used it as a colored watermark.

Social Media Designs